Is the JVC KT – SR2000 Satellite Radio Any Good?

Satellite radio is an amazing advancement in radio technology. With the content allowed and the clarity you can receive from all areas of the globe, life is made infinitely simpler. Among the forerunners of the trend is JVC satellite radio. One of the best radios of this brand is the KT-SR2000 Plug ‘n’ Play Sirius Satellite Radio Receiver. Personally I just recently purchased one and I am ecstatic with it.

It is extremely small, fits inside my pocket and has a super bright and readable screen. It has a reputation of having an excellent antenna. I installed the JVC radio in my car with the antenna on the dash and I experienced very few drop outs even though I was in unfavorable antenna locations. I did have a hiss with the integral FM modulator, so I decided to switch to direct connection with my MP3 auxiliary input on my car stereo, which rendered nearly perfect sound.

The screen really is great and is readable even in bright sunlight. This unit comes with a suction cup mount, which is a whole lot better than the double sided tape that other brands use. This is a really big plus since sometimes I have to drive my car in places where breaking into cars is not uncommon, this way I can store my radio in a glove box. I am enjoying my favorite music genres with Sirius Radio as well as the extensive news services they provide.

With this product working so well for me I have to say that JVC satellite radios are top of the line in performance and quality. JVC has nowhere to go but up and if you look at the reviews about the product you will see just how well these things perform. They also have an amazing customer support hot-line that you can feel free to call anytime day or night. With all of these features you would have to be crazy not to purchase one of these devices.

Honestly the greatest thing about my JVC portable Sirius Satellite Radio is that I can take it with me in any car that I choose to ride in, I can also have the device playing at my house and it will play on every radio inside my house and backyard. This device is truly magnificent, whether I am going on long car trips with the family or I’m grilling in the back yard, I know that the sound quality will be excellent.