The Airlines Communication System Management

The Airlines Communication System Management

Airlines communication systems are maintained by:

1 SITA(Society De Telecommunication Aeronautics provided services)

2 Telephone System

3 Radio Communication System

Those are briefly described below:


First of all, we observe the SITA Network. SITA provides various kinds of network services, which is only provider for Airlines all around the world. Its data transmission speed is 9.6/19.2/64/128kbps. It head office is in France. SITA provides reservation system (Type-A) of all passengers that is reservation detail, flight planning for aircraft Captain (including weather forecast), SITA departure control system (automated system for issuing boarding pass for departure passengers). SITA messaging center (SITATEX, Type-B) is as first that it can message 10 or above country within a 0.3 micro second. For if anyone wanted to send message London, then address is LON UU BG. FOR Dhaka address is DAC XT BG. Messaging center actually provided input box, waste box, error location find.


There are two types of telephone systems used:

PABX(Public Automated Branch Exchange)

Some electronics devices control the total PABX switching system. These are:

1 Rectifier(48 V Output)

2 Card

3 Power Backup through Battery

The total PABX communication switching system is provided by Siemens (EMS 601).


Organization uses intercom system for its internal communication only. All the handsets have speaker phone system. So everybody can hear the conversion between two parties.


These are two kinds.


It communicates small area. It is one way communication system and half duplex. It covers approximately 3p5 KM.

Ground to Air Communication

In ground to air communication system any person from the Airlines communicates with the aircraft crew at any time. In this system there are Dipole Antenna, Hertz Ian dipole Antenna, Unidirectional Antenna etc. The Unidirectional Antenna gain is 4dB again there is a local line of side bandwidth whish uses high frequency. Its output is 5 watt. The best gain antenna is VHF Antenna which gain is 1 or 3 dB. Its output is 50 watt and radiation pattern is 100 watt. If anyone is outside the Airlines such as pilot or co-pilot, they are messages by this technology.