Delphi MyFi and SKYFi Satellite Radio Receivers

Satellite radio is an increasingly popular alternative to regular radio. With satellite radio you pay a certain subscription fee every month (around $15 or so) to get around 100 music channels broadcast by satellite. The subsciption cost pays mostly for the lack of commercials, which is a major plus for most listeners.

In order to take advantage of satellite radio you will need a satellite radio receiver. There are several types of receivers available, and a few of the most popular models are produced by Delphi. Their two most popular models are the MyFi and SKYFi line. The MyFi satellite receiver is slightly smaller and is considered the most portable. This device is meant to be taken with you just about anywhere – much like a mp3 player like the Apple iPod. The SKYFi is your standard satellite receiver unit and is commonly installed in cars, boats, and the home using different accessory kits. You will find more information about both of these units below.

Delphi MyFi Portable Satellite Radio

Manufacturers Description: The Delphi MyFi is the industry’s first personal XM satellite radio that you can take with you anytime, anywhere – right out of the box. MyFi provides the personal freedom to experience over 130 digital XM channels virtually anywhere. Packaged with a rechargeable integrated battery pack, antenna, remote control, headphones, home kit and vehicle kit, the palm-sized MyFi is Delphi’s most consumer-friendly satellite radio yet. MyFi also has the ability to store up to five hours of XM programming with the press of a button. Favorite music and programming is never missed and available for playback at any time.


– The first personal and portable XM satellite radio

– Breakthrough time-shifting “Memory Mode” capable of storing up to five hours of XM programming

– Integrated, rechargeable battery

– Built-in FM transmitter to make any FM radio an XM radio

– Everything you need in one package for car, home, and on-the-go

– Info Extras include a personalized stock and sports ticker

– Live XM listening mode

– Up to thirty channel presets

– Large, illuminated six-line LCD display

Price: $300

Delphi SKYFi Satellite Radio Receiver

Manufacturers Description: SKYFi allows access to XM’s 101 channels of music, news, sports and entertainment programming in the vehicle or at home. Enhanced features, such as the large 5-line display, 10-button direct channel entry and 20 channel presets help users easily navigate XM’s award-winning radio service. SKYFi(TM) also gives listeners the ability to preview and search XM channels by artist name and song title. Accessory kits for the home, vehicle, or our on-the-go Audio Systems (sold separately) make SKYFi(TM) portable and fun.


– Advanced 5-line display concurrently shows channel number, channel name, artist name and song title

– Preview song titles & artists

– 10 button direct channel entry

– 20 channel presets

– remote control

Price: $100

Delphi SKYFi2 Satellite Radio Receiver

Manufacturers Description: Using leading edge technology, the exclusive Replay/Pause feature continuously and automatically saves the last 30 minutes of programming – including programming from multiple channels.


– Exclusive Replay/Pause – continuously records 30 minutes of the selected XM station for flexibility.

– Built in FM Modulator – SKYFi2 can wirelessly transmit XM satellite radio to any FM radio – no need for wires or complicated connections.

– TuneSelectTM – select channels and programming in several different modes

– TuneSelect mode automatically finds favorite programs too!

– Personalized information tickers – stay up-to-date on your favorite

stocks, sports and XM guides as the tickers scroll on the bottom of the receiver’s display.

– Advanced display – display up to 5 lines of text on a white screen concurrently showing channel, song, artist and title information.

– Backward compatible – will operate with original SKYFi accessory kits

– Remote control included

– Wide variety of listening accessories available:

– Vehicle kit – everything needed to install SKYFi or SKYFi2 in your car or truck

– Home kit – everything needed to connect your SKYFi or SKYFi2 to a home audio system

– Marine kit – everything needed to install your SKYFi or SKYFi2 in a marine environment

– Audio System – a portable system that contains speakers and docking station

– CD Audio System – a portable system with a CD/MP3 player and an AM/FM tuner

Price: $130