Sirius Radio Antennas – Everything You Should Know

A vast array of news, sports, weather services, and musical entertainment are governed by satellite radios. The digital signal is constantly clear and free of static. Sirius XM Radio, Inc. is a service provider where one can subscribe and order several packages of the most popular channels. Cable and digital satellite TV has improved the quality of the channels available. More so, there is a Sirius radio antenna to supplement all of this.

There are several types of Sirius radio antenna available in the market today, all of which are very useful and practical telecommunication equipment. And installing this item is not a difficult thing as there are many articles that aid in proper installation.

Before buying and installing a Sirius radio antenna, there are some things you should keep in mind. First, choose a radio that is satellite radio ready. You may also opt to purchase an FM modulator that costs only a few dollars. This will eventually fasten to the radio through the antenna that comes with a disk. It definitely helps in maintaining the signal.

Use and Care of a Sirius Radio Antenna

A Sirius radio antenna allows you to watch and listen to programs on television and radio that are widely available. This suits almost all needs, from simple to more complex; this antenna serves its function for cars, bikes, houses, offices and related places.

Keep it out of water. As we all know, water conducts electricity and so exposing it to water may damage the wirings. Keep it out of children’s reach. These items may be bought with miniature tools and gadgets that might be played and swallowed by small children. To avoid such commotion, it is better to store these items to places not known to these kids.

Sirius Radio Antenna Types and Accessories

A vehicle antenna is an extension of the Sirius satellite radio antenna and allows for dependable routing and installations at home and offices. There are those with mounting options that contain a magnetic base for temporary placement. And there are those, which can be mounted permanently on the roof or trunk of a vehicle.

Home and boom box antenna are durable items, which provide high quality signals for commercial installations. This features also UV weather coatings, which can be mounted on satellite TVs. This is used to connect multiple radios as well.

Antenna parts and accessories allow one to use latest radio antennas that require a FAKRA connector with older tuners. These are just one of the accessories that compliment the use and function of Sirius radio antennas.

This was just a sampling of information and ideas about a Sirius radio antenna. As one takes advantage of the benefits of telecommunications, watch TVs and listen to good music, there will always be a Sirius radio antenna that will provide good reception to your satellite system.

Sprint PCS Phone Now with Sirius: a Cool New Feature is Now Available for Satellite Radio Fans!

Note: Author is not associated with Sirius or Howard Stern in any way and this article is meant to be an analysis of the move to Sirius Satellite Radio by Howard Stern and events surrounding it.

A pretty cool new feature is now available for Satellite Radio Fans!

Sprint PCS/NEXTEL subscribers can now pay only $6.95 to get Sirius Music on their tech-multimedia phones. Twenty commercial free music channels are available and Sprint PCS Vision subscribers can now enjoy 20 original, commercial-free SIRIUS Music channels that play an amazing variety of music. There is even a channel devoted to headlining artist interviews and offers exclusive content such as guest performances.

Sirius has censored a few music stations due to this deal with Sprint, although they are not required to by law, they have chosen to do so. There are quite a few regulations, however for Sprint to abide by regarding their service. Unfortunately this has affected the listeners of Sirius Satellite Radio.

The Sirius / Sprint Line up includes the following:


· SIRIUS Hits 1: Today’s Top 40 hits.

· The Pulse: Pop and Rock from the 90’s to now.


· ’60s Vibrations: The musical revolution of the ’60s and early ’70s.

· Totally ’70s: The most popular music from the ’70s.

· Big ’80s: The hit music of the ’80s.


· Classic Vinyl: Classic rock of the ’60s and ’70s.

· Classic Rewind: Classic rock’s 2nd generation.

· Hair Nation: Rock from the big hair ’80s.

· First Wave: Alt-rock’s pioneering artists and sounds.

· Alt Nation: The best alt-rock of the ’90s and today.


· Hot Jamz: Today’s hip-hop and R&B hits.

· Heart & Soul: The R&B hits from the ’80s, ’90s and today.


· New Country: The best new country music.

· Prime Country: Country music superstars of yesterday and today.


· Jazz Cafe: Smooth jazz instrumentals and vocals.

· SIRIUS Blues: Authentic blues music, from past to present.

· Broadway’s Best: Songs from Broadway’s most popular shows.


· The Beat: Today’s biggest dance hits and remixes.

· Area63: Trance and progressive house dance music.

· Chill: A relaxing mix of down tempo electronic and rock.


· Listen to interviews and performances of your favorite artists.

Why Should You Choose the Sirius Portable Satellite Radio?

If you’re someone who loves music you might want to check into the line of portable radios available by Sirius. The radios bring the technology of satellite use to the field of music media. By further making their line of radios portable the company combines two great methods for creating a system of “on the go” music. Sirius radio not only brings you great music whenever and wherever you want it, but also gives you great sports channels, entertainment channels and all the stations you love for news and talk radio.

The best part of using Sirius portable satellite radios is that they are free of commercial advertisements. What could be better than listening to your favorite tunes without any annoying interruptions? The radio pulls in over 130 channels in a wide selection of categories so you’re sure to find something that suits your personal taste. They offer channels like rock music, jazz music, NBA sports, the PGA tour, financial news, comedy and Oprah radio. Once you make the choice to get a Sirius portable satellite radio you can either install it yourself or have it professionally installed for you.

The system can be installed in your home using an antenna system or in your car with the dock and play system. It works through a subscription plan which is available in different degrees depending on what suits your budget. Once you have the portable satellite radio installed you can use the easy activation provided over the internet if you want. If you want music wherever you go then you might want to choose the Sirius Stiletto 2 portable satellite radio with mp3 player.

You will have access to the Sirius network wherever you are and the unit even comes with satellite headphones. In addition you have the ability to record what you listen to for playback later. Everyone loves the convenience of an MP3 player and now they can have it in conjunction with a non-stop satellite radio broadcasting network. At home, at work or at play, you can have all the latest music, sports and news streamed to you 24 hours a day.