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Pet Food to Maintain Good Health

The type of pet food you feed your pet depends largely on what type of pet you are caring for. As an example, you would feed a very different diet to a pet parrot than what you would feed to a large breed of dog. It is important that you research the species of pet that you intend to bring into your home. Loving care of your pet starts with ensuring that you feed him the correct diet.

Check with your local veterinarian or pet food store as to which brands of pet food are available for your animal and which is going to be the best choice for you. Organic foods are always a better choice than processed ones that contain high levels of preservatives and artificial colorants and flavorants.

To ensure that the food remains fresh, never purchase more than a month or six weekly supply. Stale food will quickly begin to lose its nutritional value and may even begin to grow mold or become infested by weevils. Dry foods have a longer shelf life than wet foods, although sealed tins of pet food can be stored for many months.

As a general rule, if you have a cat, feed them dry and wet food specifically formulated for cats. Do not feed your cat on dog food, which has a different scientific formulation which is not designed for the dietary needs of cats. If you have a pet rabbit, do not feed it on meat products, which could compromise its health. Always ensure that there is fresh water available for your pets and keep their bowls clean.

Pet foods are also designed to cater to the different requirements of your pets. A puppy that will eventually grow into a large breed of dog has different dietary requirements to those of a senior dog. Ensure that you buy the right product to be sure that he gets all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that he needs to grow into a healthy adult dog.

If you ensure that they get proper nutrition from a young age you will have a healthy, happy, alert pet with a shiny coat, alert eyes, strong healthy teeth and a good overall appearance. This is easy to achieve by feeding the right foods in the correct amounts. Over-feeding your pet is unhealthy as it can lead to obesity and in later life, diseases that could shorten his lifespan.

Always be sure that you do not feed them on table scraps or on human foods like baked or fried foods or sweets like chocolate and candy. Chocolate is actually poisonous to dogs and if given in large enough quantities can actually result in the death of your pet, so be sensible and steer away from feeding them so-called treats.