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Physical Fitness Activity and the Right Diet Leads to a Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy living diet is more about making the right choices than it is about actual dieting. Eating healthy is one thing all of us would prefer to do, Although it can be difficult. In order to eat healthy, you must first make the right food choices. Eating healthy is all about what you eat, which makes the choices very crucial to get results.


Fruits are extremely important. You ought to try to eat 2 cups of them each day. Focus on eating a variety, such as fresh, frozen, canned, or even dried fruit. You can drink fruit juices as well, although you had better use moderation when doing so.


These ought to be varied, as you had better eat 2 1/2 cups of them each day. It is better to start eating more of the dark vegetables, such as spinach and broccoli. Carrots and sweet potatoes are very good as well. Beans such as pinto, black, peas,kidney and lentils are an excellent choice of protein and great choice for your family meals. Often times when vegetable grains are cooked, cholesterol or saturated fat or is added. For instance, egg yolks could be added to pasta or bread. Canned, processed or preserved vegetables may also contain added salt. For some people, too much salt can cause high blood pressure. Many of the food companies are now canning vegetables with less salt. These vegetables can be found in the market.

Grains and Nuts

You ought to eat 6 ounces of grains each day. In order for you to do this, you can eat 3 ounces of whole grain cereals, breads, rice, crackers, or pasta. You can get an ounce of grain in 1 cut of cereal or in one single slice of bread . Nuts and seeds tend to be high in fat and calories, although most of the fat is the healthy type polyunsaturated or monounsaturated. There are some varieties however that are high in saturated fat such as macadamia nuts.

Meat and Beans

Eating 5 ounces the day is the ideal goal, as you had better go lean with your protein. When eating meat, always bake it, grill it, or broil it, as this will prevent grease from adding to the equation. You had better vary your protein as well, together with more fish, beans, peas, and nuts.


Foods that are high in soluble fiber are a great choice as well. Examples include oat bran, oatmeal, beans, peas, rice bran, barley, and even apple pulp.

When preparing your meals, you ought to also reduce solid fats such as butter, lard and margarine. These foods do add flavor to your dishes, but they also raise your cholesterol. So you had better try to avoid these foods and any foods that happen to contain them.

Exercise is excellent as well, as it is a great companion to a healthy living diet. No matter how old you are, eating a healthy diet will help you keep healthy for years and years.